Celebrating with Nicola, mother from San Antonio

Family of four, Nicola, her husband and their two daughters, Sophia and Emilia, plus two goldendoodles live in San Antonio, Texas.   
Coco Chanel once said that a woman should be two things : "Classy and fabulous". Nicola has it all. Through her outfits, those of her children, her home, her precious jewelry brand and entire lifestyle, she has the art of combining elegance with a touch of fantasy while never going over the top. She kindly agreed to let us enter her universe.  
Nicola Bathie - Mothers Celebrate

How do you add joy and beauty to your daily life? 

We always make time to celebrate both the big and the small things. Our oldest daughter, Sophia, either thinks it's her birthday, one of our birthdays, the dogs' birthday or a friend's birthday! And why not after all? We often host make believe parties at home which is great fun! 
Nicola Bathie - Cupcake and croissant breakfast party - Mothers Celebrate
I also like to celebrate each time we launch a new jewelry style. For the event, I always get dressed up, so my husband and I like to do something special on those days, going to a nice restaurant or enjoying an evening out together.
Nicola Bathie jewelry - Elegant feminine style for women - San Antonio
I love to have fresh cut flowers in our house too. They really inspire me and are very important.

How do you celebrate childhood?

I take lots and lots of photos and always have them framed. Sophia treasures pictures, just as much as I do! 
With two girls, I also really love them to be in matching outfits for special milestones and celebrations : Easter, Christmas... 

Nicola Bathie - matching outfits for sisters
Can you share about one of the last parties you organized? 

We did a garden party theme for Sophia's 1st birthday party  and will probably continue that theme throughout every birthday from now on. I love incorporating flowers to every aspect of my life, so why not for all birthday parties too!
Nicola Bathie - children's garden party theme inspiration
We had a whole floral arrangement made by @amapolafloraDogwood Hill custom made invitations and boards, really sweet hand decorated cookies by @bakedgoodness, lots of balloons, a hot air balloon decor and a band coming to play too!
Nicola Bathie garden party theme inspiration for children's birthdays
All the party ideas are linked in my LTK page.

Can you share your favorite cake recipe?

We have a family Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe but it is a secret. It's a special treat of ours!

Can you share one or several Instagram accounts that inspire you when it comes to parties?

When it comes to parties, I love scrolling through these accounts for inspiration : @clafoutisny for their event styling ideas, @fionaleahydesign for her table settings and @mrsalice for her elegance.

Nicola Bathie - Mothers celebrate the magic of childhood

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