Celebrating among roses with Grace

Bringing much joy to families all over America through their bouquets, Grace and Ryan grow the most beautiful flowers in their Californian Grace Rose farm. One very special rose, however, stands out above them all : their daughter Seraphina! Becoming more and more pretty day after day, she is their most treasured blossom! 

Between a rose harvest and cuddles with her little one, Grace kindly took time to share about her passion, work and daily life! 

Celebrating childhood among roses with Grace Rose Farm - Charlotte sy Dimby

Can you please tell us about the Grace Rose's farm and your family?

Ryan and I met in the spring of 2011 in NYC where I had been living for 10 years and where Ryan had just moved. After our first date, we were inseparable. In 2015, we got married amongst our closest friends and family in Santa Barbara. Little did we know that our home would soon become our business when our rose garden became famous on social media.

We now live on a 10 acre rose farm where we grow thousands of roses. Our roses are shipped all over the United States. We offer them to retail clients, as well as wholesale for weddings and events.

Grace Rose Farm California flowers - Charlotte sy Dimby

We recently added to our family and adopted our sweet daughter, Seraphina. We are so thrilled that she will get to grow up amongst the roses here on our farm, and couldn’t love her more. 

I wrote an article on the topic in our Grace Rose Farm blog. I wanted to answer all the questions and to explain the adoption process in the most respectful way we could for everyone involved.

Celebrating childhood among roses with Grace Rose Farm - Charlotte sy Dimby

How do you celebrate childhood? 

We have been so blessed to have Seraphina in our life. She is 3 months old now, and growing so quickly! Dressing her is my absolute favorite. She is the sweetest little girl, and I can’t wait to bond even more with her over the darling clothes she wears. I love to support small shops when looking for her clothes, and Charlotte sy Dimby is one of my favorites to shop at.

We also take her out on an evening walk through the roses every night. It makes us all so happy and it is a tradition we will definitely continue! 

Celebrating childhood baby girl smocked dress

Can you share about one of the last parties you organized and how your incorporate flowers into them?

This year hasn’t allowed us to host many parties, but we did safely host a small group for a belated Mother’s Day tour since our original tour was cancelled for safety reasons. It was so wonderful to see how much joy the roses and the farm brought to all the ladies who attended. We all needed some extra beauty in our life, and that small gathering was perfect for that.

Freshly picked roses are always my favorite thing to incorporate into parties! I love to pick them myself, there is something so special about it. 

We love having garden rose bouquets in our home too, but it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like since our cats like to eat them. Even though the roses have become our business, they are still the most magical thing to us. They continue to bring us so much joy every day. 

Grace Rose Farm California - Fresh farm rose

Can you share one or several Instagram accounts that inspire you when it comes to parties?

Steve of @sinclairandmoore is always such an inspiration. The love and thought that goes into everything he does it nothing I’ve ever seen before. 
I absolutely love @loveshackfancy too! Everything about their events and their feminine attire is inspiring to me! I wear several of their dresses/skirts while working on the farm!
Celebrating childhood among roses with Grace Rose Farm - Charlotte sy Dimby