Bringing France to your home with Darcy Miller

To end our "Mothers share from and about France" serie on a fun and playful note, we would like to present the most astounding mother : the party expert Darcy Miller!

Darcy Miller party expert

Founding editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, an online wedding magazine based in New York, at the head of her own design firm and author of the book Celebrate Everythingyou may be wondering where the link with France comes in... The answer stands in two words, creativity and imagination! It is all you need to bring France to your home!

Always thinking out of the box, we have rounded up Darcy's three best ideas about France! They caught our eyes and heart making us eager to share!

The first one is the French staycation!

No it is not a typing mistake, you read correctly : the idea is to go on trip to France without leaving your home! Darcy has it all planned from A to Z! 

French staycation Darcy Miller

For the decor, paper flag placemats and conversation bubbles with French sayings to top croissants (crepes suzette, baguettes, macarons or any other French specialty) are easy and fun to make with kids. The French-themed game for which you can download the template is a way to make the whole family play. We love the music and movie ideas too!

French staycation Darcy Miller

The second one is the From Paris with love Party. Whether for Valentine's Day or for any occasion celebrating love, it makes our Parisian heart melt!

You could even twist it a little for a child's birthday party! The city is such a deep source of inspiration! Decor, food, ambiance and favors are all carefully thought out. As always with Darcy, it's perfection!

Last but not least the Paris View decal created with Chasing Paper is a dream!

Who doesn’t love a Parisian view, especially one of the Eiffel Tower? No matter where you are in the world, whether you’re planning your next French jaunt or just want a city view, this open window skyline decal is a wonderful way to bring France right before your eyes! Enjoy!


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