For our Floral Rêverie Spring capsule pictured by Veronica, founder of Bittersweet collars, we had the great honor of pairing our dresses with Sarah Bray Bermuda's creations. What better way to add a chic dreamy finishing to an outfit than a classic sunhat? 

Summer straw sun hats for children, classic chic elegant Charlotte sy Dimby

Former fashion and decor writer and editor, Sarah Bray made a bold change in order to pursue her passion and live by her values. Just before Covid, she moved from New York to the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda and launched her sun hat brand. 

All lovingly made from antique, vintage, recycled and biodegradable materials, her designs are both becoming and eco-friendly! Shipping worldwide, she delights women and little girls alike. She currently offers two four different shapes for children. All come with several ribbons to switch up looks.

Sarah Bray Bermuda sunhats

Sarah’s journey is an inspiring one and a great reminder of how beautiful change can be! We could not resist asking her a few questions to get to know her universe a little better :

Do you recommend Bermuda for family holidays?

Yes, Bermuda is one of the safest islands to visit! We actually don’t have sharks (unless a shark is lost and finds its way through the coral reefs that protect the island) and we don’t have undertow or big waves typically, so Bermuda’s beaches are incredibly safe compared to other destinations. There is actually a beach nicknamed “Baby Beach” in Tucker’s Town where little ones learn to swim.

Other kid-friendly beaches with calm waters I recommend are Horseshoe Bay, Shelley Bay, Jobson’s Cove, and Warwick’s Long Bay.

Summer straw sun hats for children, classic chic elegant Charlotte sy Dimby

You are committed to being as sustainable as possible. How do you take care of the planet?

My entire house is decorated with antiques and thrifted items. Literally, nothing besides my bed linens and towels is new! I LOVE old things but I also really just feel a lot less guilty about shopping when I thrift or shop vintage. 

I am also obsessed with picking up trash! I bring trash bags in my car and pick up trash when we go on beach walks. 

Sarah Bray Bermuda sun hats are made with natural materials like palm leaves that are biodegradable in landfills. The majority of the ribbons we sell are antique or made with scrap fabrics from the cutting room floor of our collaborators.

Summer straw sun hats for children, classic chic elegant Charlotte sy Dimby

A women you look up to who clearly knows how to wear a hat with style ?

Jackie Kennedy, Bunny Mellon, Georgia O’Keefe, Nancy Reagan… so many stylish women come to mind.

Your hats are paired with gorgeous ribbons. What are your favourites this season?

Anything floral tapestry! I am obsessed with learning about and collecting antique rugs and textiles (from my days being an editor at ELLE Decor, House Beautiful, and Veranda). Historic ribbons are just as fascinating and notable! If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of vintage ribbons, you must visit East Coast Trimmings next time you are in New York City.

Summer straw sun hats for children, classic chic elegant Charlotte sy Dimby

You're never fully dressed without a hat and... What's your second favourite accessory after hats? 

Shoes! I mean fabulous shoes really make the outfit. A hat is really the cherry on top if it’s a beautiful, sunny day!


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