Sally Gates, is one of the premier pastel portrait painters in America today. She travels all over America to photograph and then paint children dressed in traditional outfits.

We had the immense honor of meeting her several times in our Parisian boutique and had the privilege of dressing her granddaughter for her official portrait.


Original photography taken by Sally Gates of Freya in our soft pink smocked dress.


Sally Gates - Child's portrait - smocked dress

Final portrait  by Sally Gates

Extremely talented, Sally Gates' paintings perfectly capture the personality of her young subjects. Working from posed photography her portraits are astonishingly realistic. At first sight the difference between picture and painting is often hard to spot! Meant to be kept as a precious heirloom, they are a beautiful celebration of childhood.

We are also very proud to say that Sally painted Elle Hertz in one of our classic blue smocked dress. She is the daughter of Emily Hertz, founder of Born on Fifth and Bows & Blue. Atlanta-based, NYC-born lifestyle blogger with a passion for party styling and an affinity for all things beautiful, Emily and her family are always impeccably dressed! 


Pastel oil child portrait by Sally Gates of Elle Hertz Born on Fifth


To discover more on the artist visit her website and read her interview about capturing the magic of childhood.

For your portrait outfits, we suggest planning two to three months in advance. We tend to recommend soft pastel shades, blue, pink of white.

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