French children’s favorite meal is the traditional 4.30 pm “goûter”. Let us say it is the equivalent of the British tea time. Part of the French culture, it is always sweet.
If the most popular goûter remains to this day a piece of baguette with a chocolate bar in the middle, French mums have more than one recipe up their sleeves.
We would like to share a few of these timeless classics. A great opportunity to enjoy a fun baking session with your children and give them a glimpse of the French way of living!
Find below our top 3 recipes and their origin:
  • Les Madeleines
  • Les Crêpes
  • Le Moelleux au chocolat

    French goûter - Gâteau au chocolat - Picture by @hugoestgaspard - cooking with kids
    French goûter - Gâteau au chocolat - Picture by @hugoestgaspard



    Les Madeleines

    Becoming one of French literature’s most famous metaphor thanks to the legendary author Marcel Proust who describes how one mouthful of this fluffy textured cake dipped in tea brought back precious childhood souvenirs, Madeleines are deeply loved in France.

    Easy to cook and sweet looking with their shell like shape, they are perfect when inviting friends.


    French Madeleine - picture by @hugoetgaspard- cooking with kids
    French Madeleines  - photo by @hugoetgaspard

    Traditional Madeleine recipe 

    Madeleine recipe video with a little explanation on the origin of Madeleine for your French culture! 


    Madeleines with chocolate chips - photo by @hugoetgaspard

    French Madeleines with chocolate chips - photo by @hugoetgaspard

    If you want to add a little fantasy try adding chocolate chips!



    Les Crêpes

    Originally from Brittany but now widespread all over France and beyond, crêpes are a national favorite. Children particularly love it as it can be filled with the ingredients of their choice to make it unique : jam, sugar and lemon, Nutella, honey… Sky is the limit!


    French crêpes - photo by @hugoetgaspard - cooking with kids

    French crêpes - photo by @hugoetgaspard

    Traditional crêpe recipe

    If you feel ready for a little challenge try these fun filling ideas.

    Our tip : The trick is to make them nice and thin! That’s what makes them so light and sets them aside from pancakes.


    Traditional French crêpes - photo by @hugoetgaspard - cooking with kids

    Traditional French crêpes - photo by @hugoetgaspard - cooking with kids


      Le moelleux au chocolat

       Each and every country has its traditional chocolate cake recipe! We like ours with touch of salted butter and runny heart. Moelleux means soft, the idea is to allow it to melt upon the palate... Enjoy!

      Its origin remains slightly mysterious, it would have been invented by a French chef from the Aveyron. Who ever created it, had an excellent idea as the recipe has met worldwide success!


      Moelleux au chocolat - cooking with kids - photo by @hugoetgaspard

      French moelleux - photo by @hugoetgaspard

      Classic French moelleux au chocolat recipe

      Another alternative, just as delicious, is the French moelleux with salted caramel, we say Caramel au beurre salé.


      Moelleux caramel au beurre salé - cooking with kids - photo by @hugoetgaspard

        French moelleux with caramel - photo by @hugoetgaspard

      To get more French recipe inspirations we recommend following the Instagram account of @hugoandgaspard, French mother of three living in Paris. What are your children's favorite recipes? We would love to know more about your country's classic tea time treats!

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