To support handmade European high quality childrens'clothing, we are thrilled to introduce Marae. We have gathered the words and experiences of mothers already familiar with these exquisite coats. Just like Amanda, mum of three and official Marae representative for Europe, children and parents all fell in love at first sight with the quality and beauty of the handmade outerwear. Their photos and testimonies speak for themselves!


Amanda - Marae wool coats - top quality classic chic European style for children

Amanda's three children all dressed in Marae coats! Initially a client in search of classic clothing for her kids, the whole family became utterly fond of the brand and Amanda is now the official Marae ambassador for Europe!


Valéry and her children Elle & Yves from the Netherlands 

"My love story with Marae began when I saw the royal kids from the UK wearing their coats."

Valéry and her children from the Netherlands - matching winter coats for children Marae

Love story with Marae :  Searching for the British royal children's coats to buy for my son and daughter, I was wonderfully guided by Amanda. As one of her very first client, I began by ordering matching coats in green. They were meant for a trip to South Africa in May. Although we had to cancel due to Covid-19, they hold a special place in my heart and always remind me of travelling. Since then I have purchased many more and now have quite a collection of coats!

Styling Marae coats : I love to match them with traditional pieces. For Yves, with Chelsea boots. For Elle, with a smocked dress, I have many Charlotte sy Dimby ones that fit just perfectly!

And a big tip for moms with several children : go for matching coats! I always receive compliments when my kids walk together in their coats!

Marae in a few words : Classic design, top quality, wide choice of colour and options.

Matching boys and girls fall winter high quality Marae coats - Charlotte sy Dimby

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Monique and her daughter Mia from the UK

"A good coat is one of those things my child will wear time after time so I value quality over quantity!"

Marae coat and matching bonnet Charlotte sy Dimby

Love story with Marae : I discovered Marae early this year; their beautiful range of coats and impeccable attention to detail from the fabric (wool) to the buttons all carefully selected caught my eye. It was love at first sight. 

Last year, through my platform Mumble Forum, we organized a luxury charity raffle in which Marae took part. It was in aid of  Bliss, a neonatal charity for premature and sick babies. The event raised funds for the charity whilst celebrating International Women’s day in association with UN Women and their campaign #generationequality.

Styling Marae coats : I love styling the coat with an equally classic look. It looks great paired with dresses, tights and usually a good pair of Ananas Petit shoes. Mia's red Marae coat comes with the most beautiful matching hat. 

Marae in a few words : Classic look, excellent quality and attention to details.

Mumble Forum, we organized a luxury charity raffle in which Marae took part

 Luxury charity raffle - Mumble Forum organize highly curated events with luxury brands sponsors to support charities

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Delphine and her two girls Elodie & Aurélie from the Netherlands

"Warm and easy to wear with all kinds of style!"
Warm classic chic children's coats Marae Charlotte sy Dimby

Love story with Marae:  I discovered the coats last year and the girls wore them all winter! In particular for Aurélie's first time ice-skating. We had a great day and they looked so cute in their blue coats against the white ice. 

Styling Marae coats :  The coats adapt easily to every style. We wear them with jeans and rain boots to go to the park but also with dresses and T-bar salomés shoes for a stylish day out to the city

Marae in a few words : High quality, great fit and very warm.

Warm blue winter coats with fur trim Europe Marae Charlotte sy Dimby

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Suse and her children Filipe, Chloë & Matthew from Mozambique

"I saw a picture of Marae coats worn by Amanda's kids and  knew instantly they were the right choice for my children too!"
Marae warm winter coats for boys and girls Charlotte sy Dimby

Love story with Marae:  Based in Mozambique but travelling to the UK for Christmas, I feared that my children, growing up in tropical weather, would not stand the cold. When Amanda shared pictures of her Marae coats, I knew instantly they were the right choice for my kids too. I ordered without thinking twice! 

And I was right! We love them. During our last trip, Chloe had two choices of coats. Whenever we were going to go out I would say : "Children come put your coats on!". Chloe would always walk with the brightest smile and say : "The pink and white one mommy please" (referring to her Marae coat).

Styling Marae coats :  I love styling the children with their loving coats' matching bonnet and shoes or boots (depending on the weather). The coats are so elegant that they can be worn during a relaxed walk in a park or for a chic dinner. Chloe loves her dresses, so with a long sleeve dress, condor tights and a hair bow, she is ready to go out. 

Marae in a few words : Matching bonnets, long lasting quality which can be passed down and still be in immaculate conditions.

Warm winter coats for children Marae Charlotte sy Dimby - top quality Merino wool

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Masha and her children Léonore & Florian from France

"The coats of my dreams bringing back childhood souvenirs!"

Timeless classic coats for children Marae Charlotte sy Dimby

Love story with Marae:  Lover of all things classic for children, I discovered Marae through Instagram. The timeless designs of these coats brought back so many happy childhood souvenirs. It was a dream come true, exactly what I was looking for!

I have ordered several for all my children and treasure them!

Styling Marae coats :  We wear our coats all winter with such joy! For school with a pair of jeans, on our way to parties with pretty Charlotte sy Dimby smocked dresses for Léonore and with a shirt for Florian. Each time we go out for a family walk, we get lots of compliments!

Marae in a few words : Childhood innocence, timeless classic, excellent quality, European style.

Marae chic navy and red winter coat Charlotte sy Dimby

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Helene and her daughter Victoria from the Netherlands

"I feel so proud each time I see my child in her elegant Marae coat!"

Burgundy red Marae coats warm chic European style

Love story with Marae:  Seeing Amanda's children and then Princess Charlotte wearing her gorgeous burgundy red Marae coat, I ordered the same one for Victoria! She loves it and has so much fun in it! Be it in the garden, or at the beach, she can play in freely, running around and inventing her own little games! This is our first piece from Marae but certainly not the last!

Styling Marae coats :  Worn with a beret, scarf, matching tights and classic leather shoes, Victoria looks very chic all winter long!

Marae in a few words : Durable, nice and warm, soft, easy to wear, elegant!

Marae red burgundy wool warm coat for children, classic chic style

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Iris and her child Kiki from the UK

"When I was younger my mama dressed me in similar coats. It brought me back to my own childhood!"

Beautiful handmade wool coat for children by Marae Charlotte sy Dimby

Love story with Marae :  I discovered the coats through an Instagram picture, called the shop and picked it up the next day! The link and recognition with my own childhood made me love it at once. That was Kiki’s first Marae coat. Now, 1,5 years later she has two. The quality is amazing and everywhere we go people compliment it. Kiki’s first Marae coat still looks as new as the day we got it.

Styling Marae coats :  Coats to be worn winter like summer, always and with everything. Classic with a dress and more tomboy style with a pair of leather boots and jeans. Kiki never gets too cold or too hot in them.

Marae in a few words : Austrian feel, childhood innocence, timeless, amazing quality and great customer service. 


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Existing in several shades for both boys and girls, these boiled wool coats are sold through various retailers. Learn more here

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