“My dream is for each and every one of the children that attend my programmes to leave smiling and excited to apply their impeccable manners to better the world through their kindness.”

Kindness Academy - Etiquette courses for children

The quote above by Astrie Sunindar-Ratner, founder of the A-The Etiquette Consultancy, perfectly sums up the spirit and purpose of the newly created Kindness Academy : A journey through basic to advanced etiquette with kindness as a guideline.

This particularity sets the program apart and adds an essential feature to children's education. They may learn and apply all the rules to perfection but without a loving heart, doors will remain closed. Astrie is indeed deeply convinced that good manners can only truly be ingrained in children when they are taught to be considerate and caring. It was this belief that sparked her project.

Certified International Social and Youth Etiquette Consultant, mother of three children and woman of great elegance, all programs are curated by Astrie herself. For the moment, two courses taking the form of workshops with playful activities and real life practices are offered. 

Kindness Academy - Etiquette courses for children

The Kindness Academy Half Day Etiquette Course covers the key aspects of communication from body language to conversational know-how to using the magic words. Children are also taught about digital communication and practice dining manners through a 3 course meal.

Kindness Academy - Etiquette courses for children

The Afternoon Tea Etiquette Course focuses mainly on table manners with a real bespoke tea. 

Kindness Academy - Etiquette courses for children

As there is no age for learning, the A-The Etiquette Consultancy also offers social and corporate etiquette for adults.

Based in South Asia, in Singapore, we look forward to the launch of online courses and invite you to follow Astrie on Instagram.

To know more about the founder and her family, we encourage you to read her "Mothers Share article".

Visit the A-Etiquette Consultancy website

Kindness Academy - Etiquette courses for children

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