Royal family inspired matching outfits - girl smocked dress and baby boy bubble

Having re-edited our Lavender blue Princess Charlotte smocked dress (the one handmade in our own atelier and graciously worn by Princess Charlotte of Cambridge), we are now thrilled to present our matching Prince George shirt and baby Prince Louis bubble

A traditional heritage style for all your children inspired by the British royal family. Perfect sibling sets for your special occasions, heirloom portraits and brother and sister photos.

Royal family sibling set - Traditional heritage style outfit for children


These special boys pieces, called after the third and fifth in line heirs to the throne, are inspired by the British mum Victoria Strader and her children Beau William, Sophie Charlotte and John Luke! You will have noticed the strong royal family influence in the names... The apple does not fall far from the tree and everything happens for a reason!
Royal family inspired matching sibling outfits - smocked dress and baby bubble

It was while deciding on an outfit to go with the Charlotte dress for little John Luke, that the light dawned on us! Why not make a perfect match for boys too suggested Victoria?

Born in Paris (home city of our unique boutique L’Île aux Fées), from a British family and now raising her children in Texas, we could not have dreamed of a better ambassador than Victoria to share our love of the British royal family and spread it to Southern US.

To create full royal looks from head to toe, we are also delighted to introduce the Swiss hair accessories designer Eva’s House and the shoe brand L’Amour.


Double breasted buttoning Peter Pan collar shirt for children's portraits

The Prince George double breasted Peter Pan collar shirt is a timeless classic design. The self covered buttons and piping are in the same fabric as the dress and bubble. They add a chic colorful finishing touch to the top. It is perfect for traditional portraits. 

Southern styling tips from Victoria : To me, nothing looks more British than a young boy in dress shorts. The gorgeous shirt would be so special paired with shorts, knee socks, and lace up shoes. L'Amour's Tyler handcrafted leather design is perfect.

Prince George classic timeless shirt and shoes for boys

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Royal family inspired matching sibling outfits - Princess Charlotte smocked dress

The Princess Charlotte dress stands out by its intricate smocking across the bodice and elegant embroidery detailing upon the sleeves and collar. 

Southern styling tips from Victoria : I was so excited to put Sophie in her Princess Charlotte dress! It’s a beautiful piece that I’ve admired for years, so it feels surreal to be able to dress her in one. No little girl in the South goes anywhere without a bow, and my favorites come from the lovely Swiss brand, Eva’s House. No one is sweeter than Eva! One of her long tail bows or sailor bows completes the look, along with nicely trimmed white socks and Mary Jane shoes. We are fond of L'Amour's Caitlin design with the scalloped perforated trim.

Princess Charlotte classic girl look -  smocked dress bow and Mary Jane

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Baby boy Prince Louis bubble

The Prince Louis blue smocked bubble with coral accents creates a sweet and playful look for your little one.

Southern styling tips from Victoria : Another Southern quirk is that often times little babies don’t wear shoes! John Luke is still at an age where his sweet little toes are always on display, and depending on the weather I might have our beloved G.H. Hurt blanket nearby in case he needs some extra warmth. These blankets are the same that each of the royal babies have gone home from the hospital in, they’re a true keepsake and we had John Luke’s newborn photos done in one. For a slightly bigger baby, the best choice would be knee socks and little booties for toddling around. For example, the white Benny Leather Brogue Oxford Crib shoes by L'Amour.

Prince Louis classic baby boy look - bubble and shoes


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Royal family inspired matching sibling outfits



To celebrate this new launch, we asked Victoria to share about her special link with England.

Can you tell us a little more about your love of the royal family? 

My love of the royal family dates back to every Summer when we would visit England to see relatives. I was always convinced that I would bump into Prince Harry or Prince William and fall in love and get married, haha!! Oh, the thoughts of a preteen girl! 

When William and Kate got engaged, I instantly fell in love with her style, poise, and grace. She’s continued to serve as a style icon for me throughout the stages of my life. I chose to wear my hair in a half updo on my wedding day, just like she did. Watching her become a mother three times over has been a particular joy as well, my second child, Sophie, was born the same week as Prince Louis! One of the first things I thought of when we found out our third was a baby boy was that we would have the same family setup.. silly but sweet! I also share a love of photographing my children with Kate. While I resonate most with Kate’s style, I’ve also loved following along with Harry and Meghan too. There’s something about all of them that will always just feel extra magical to me, I’m truly a fan of them all!

Kate Middleton British royal inspired wedding

Which British inspired/royal family themed websites, blogs, IG account would you recommend?

Of course, the official @kensingtonroyal account, hoping we see H + M return to instagram soon too! @eholmes’s commentary on royal fashion has made me think about all of the royal looks on a deeper level and really just changed the way that I think about style in general. @chrisjacksongetty for a close up look at the family, he is a royal photographer and married to Kate’s stylist. 

A bonus answer is my favorite jewelry designer, @nicolabathiemclaughlin, as she has a similar background to me, with British family, being born in another foreign country, and ultimately ending up in Texas. 

Can you make us dream a little and tell us about your family trips to England? What would you recommend for those travelling with children?

We actually took our first born to England (and France!) for the first time when Beau was just eight weeks old. I think a few people thought that we were rather crazy, but I believe that was one of the easiest ages to travel with a child. It was complete bliss for us as new parents to begin showing our first born the world. On our last trip to London, Beau was three years old and Sophie, eighteen months. It was a different trip because for the first time we could really start to see the world through their eyes. One of our favorite memories was playing in the fountains at the Victoria and Albert museum. Another special spot, particularly for my daughter and I, was getting a slice of Victoria sponge at the ultra feminine Peggy Porschen. I have a favorite photo of the two of us outside of their signature pink building with loads of gorgeous flowers behind us that I will cherish forever. 

Peggy Porschen mum and daughter London


I’d also highly recommend a trip out to the Cotswolds to see the countryside, particularly noting a stop at the lovely Daylesford farm. It’s incredibly inspirational and the kids loved exploring the grounds and getting snacks. I should also mention that our favorite spot in all of England is visiting our sweet family in Brighton. We are so hopeful to be able to travel again soon! Traveling with children does come with a lot of extra obstacles but it is so incredibly magical and these are memories not just for them, but that my husband and I will always look back on so fondly, no matter how exhausted we were! 

Daylesford farm - Travelling to the UK with children

Can you share your “British” favorites? If Britain was a …

Dish : a load of chinese food ordered in and eaten with family! British Chinese food is a notch above the rest!

Brand : Boden 

Book : anything by Sophie Kinsella

Series : Downton Abbey, closely followed by Victoria

Song : anything by S Club 7! So much nostalgia! 


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