If the bride’s dress is the central focus of wedding preparations, children’s outfits and in particular flower girls’ dresses are also part of the party’s magic.
To help you make up this special day unique and perfect up to the very last detail, here are our tips and suggestions for children’s wear:
Flower girl classic chic smocked dress classic chic summer Charlotte sy Dimby frenchstyle

Our advice for the dress selection:

  1. Good timing

To make sure the flower girls' dress choice remains a moment of pleasure free of all stress, we recommend selecting the outfits around 3 months before the wedding. Not too early to avoid children growing out of their clothes, yet sufficiently in advance to have time to consider several options and to receive the garments in time.


  1. Good fit
Take time to measure your flower girls from head to toe so as to know what size to look for. Keep these measurements at hand when shopping as sizes may differ from a brand to another.
We recommend picking a dress with a bow sash to be tied in the back which will enable you to adjust the gowns and the waist and thereby ensure a good fit.
Knowing that the flower girls will be wearing their pretty outfits all day and will have to be able to walk comfortably to accompany the bride down the aisle, we suggest  avoiding feet-length dresses.
For religious ceremonies, too short dresses may not be considered appropriate which is why we favour an in-between : slightly below the knee length, the best option to create an elegant silhouette!
  1. Harmonious colours

The colour decision should be based upon your own gown in order to create a global harmony. Start by selecting your own outfit and accessories and only then begin thinking about the flower girls.
Keep in mind that the flower girls will usually feature by your side on the official pictures. The flower girls’ dress shade should enhance your outfit and be pleasing to the eye. If you wish to create an overall theme for your special day consider choosing a colour easy to replicate in the wedding decoration.
This does not necessarily mean that you and your flower girls should have the same coloured gown or that you need to create a total look with one colour only. The idea is simply to create a visual connection among all the bridal party members.


The colour shade will influence the ambiance of the wedding. If you wish for a poetic feel, we suggest picking romantic pastels shades such as light pink, vanilla, light blue. These soft hues will highlight the sweet natural features of the children. If your wedding is in the middle of summer, picking a bright colour is a nice way to bring a happy, dynamic and modern feel to the day. A bright green, poppy red or why not yellow?


  1. Back and front
Keep in mind that as the flower girls walk you down the aisle, all eyes will be focused on your backs! When choosing dresses always ask to see the backs and take a close look at the buttons and all the back finishing details. A bow sash is always a safe and elegant idea!

  1. Fabric
First of all take into consideration the season. To feel and look pretty in their outfits, flower girls’ dresses must be well suited to the weather. Of course avoid anything itchy or too heavy. Make the sure the fabric does not wrinkle too easily and creates a pretty silhouette when worn.

  1. Make it special
This is your big special day and must be celebrated as such. To make it unique we recommend going for handmade limited collections, garments designed with love and care which your flower girls will be able to cherish as precious memory of your wedding!

Our Charlotte sy Dimby suggestions

The Lavender blue Cerise dress

Flower girl smocked dress lavender blue summer classic chic frenchstyle Charlotte sy Dimby"
This blue shade is a gorgeous colour suited to all complexions.

With its Peter Pan collar and puffed sleeves, this cut will bring a classic chic feel to your wedding.

The delicate embroidery details and smocked panel add refinement the dress.
As a finishing touch,the butterfly bow is perfect.

And thanks to its lining, it twirls beautifully which will not doubt seduce your flower girls.

Easy to match with white or sky blue, it will make the choice of accessories simple.

Flower girl smocked dress lavender blue summer classic chic frenchstyle Charlotte sy Dimby

View the Cerise Lavender dress

If you like this classic cut with a Peter Pan collar and puffed sleeves but wish for a different colour we recommend taking a look at all our other Cerise dresses


The Netti dress

Handmade smocked pink Netti dress flower girl wedding chic classic French style Charlotte sy Dimby

With its delicate ruffles and tulle lining creating extra volume, this summer smocked dress will make your flower girls look like blooming flowers.

The butterfly bow sash makes this dress as pretty in the back as in the front.

Very romantic and feminine, it will bring a poetic touch to the wedding.

Existing in a great variety of colours, from pastels hues to bright shades, the only difficulty will be to pick your favourite.

Handmade smocked blue Netti dress flower girl wedding chic classic French style Charlotte sy Dimby

Delicate light Seaside blue Netti dress

Handmade smocked yellow Netti dress flower girl wedding chic classic French style Charlotte sy Dimby

Daffodil yellow Netti dress

The  Amandine dress

With its delicate frilled collar and subtle sleeve embroideries this dress represents French elegance at its best. The precious detailing will give a chic look to your wedding.
Thanks to its lining, it twirls beautifully making your flower girls feel like princesses.
Handmade Amandine flower girl smocked dress classic chic frenchstyle romantic Charlotte sy Dimby" style

Our tips for the big day

  • Keep an iron at close hand. It would be a shame for the dress wrinkles to appear on the picture.
  • Make sure you have spare buttons just in case. Each Charlotte sy Dimby dress is provided with two extra buttons.
  • Practice tying the butterfly bow in the back before hand. Charlotte sy Dimby has made a special tutorial on the art of making the bow.
  • And of course smile and have fun! It is your day!

If you have any inquiry or need any help regarding your flower girl dresses please feel free to contact us at info@charlottesydimby.com

We would be delighted to accompany you on this special day

Handmade summer flower girl wedding dress classic chic Charlotte sy Dimby


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