In honor of International Mother’s Day (our French one is on the 30th of May), we would like to congratulate mothers all around the world! More than a job or privilege, we like to think of motherhood as an art. To give life to a painting, an artist invests all his soul, love, skills, time and efforts into his work. He takes pride in his accomplishment and will never totally let it go. Even once hanging in a gallery, it will still be his! The same applies to mums : a child is after all the creation of his parents. And what greater project then to dedicate oneself to the raising of another little human?

There will be joy, laughter, challenges, frustrations… Some days will feel like it’s the most rewarding mission, some will be harder! Days in, days out, mothers never quit! Each story is different, each one changes a mother’s life forever, each one opens new doors, leads to new teachings but all are a living proof that unconditional love exists!

Whom better than mothers themselves to describe this utterly unique life experience?

Celebrating motherhood
Photo of @ellalexis -  Danielle and her daughter Lola pictured by @jkennyhouseofphoto


In their words, motherhood in a sentence :

“Joy and love like nothing you could ever prepare yourself for...” - Caroline 

“A marathon where no matter what place or how tired you are, you still win!” - Stephanie 

“Motherhood is a great challenge yet one of the greatest blessings. Mums are the heroes of the shadow of each child’s life!” - Charlette 

“My entire world walks beside me holding my finger and my heart in her little hand!” - Constance 

“Being selfless to receive the greatest gift of your life - a child’s love and affection!” - Sarah 

“Motherhood is laying your life down for the good of another person!” - Katie

You hold their hand for a while and their hearts forever” - Madeleine

Motherhood is finding strengths you didn’t know you had and discovering an unconditional love that lasts forever!” - Kimberly

Motherhood is a magical blessing filled with so much joy, love, learning and beauty. - Shannon

Celebrating motherhood

Photo of @shannon_bardales - Shannon and her daughter Emilia pictured by Jenna Eiseman Martinovic

Motherhood isn’t always glamorous. Most days it is far from glamour, and sometimes it’s not fun either; however, mothering is one of the most important jobs in this world. Mothers should embrace all the days because they go so much faster than anyone can fathom. “The days are long, but the years are short!” - Robin

Motherhood is my greatest gift and biggest blessing. It is the most magical journey that I am so grateful for. - Katie

Motherhood is beautiful chaos wrapped in grace; somehow by the grace of God it all gets done and your kids still smile at you and it fuels your heart to keep going. - Rima

Motherhood is knowing to care less while knowing to care more.” - Danielle

Motherhood is by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced but also by far the most rewarding, my kids can be having a complete meltdown but then do something to let me know they need me and the world stops just for a second and resets. - Eva

Celebrating motherhood

 Photo of @missharvard - Eva and her sons Tate and Lachlan

A glimpse at motherhood from three parts of the globe : Asia, Europe and America

Motherhood according to Yukari - @elena_in_japan - Japan

What are the most important lessons motherhood has taught you?

It has taught me to really appreciate my family. To be a parent opens up a whole new world, and made me realise that my parents did the same thing for me when I was a child. I can't thank them enough. Motherhood is a blessing.

If you had to give one piece of advice to mums, what would it be?

Enjoy every moment! There are tough times, but it won't be forever. Your child will grow up so fast, so ENJOY IT while you can!

What is your most precious gift as a mother? 

I have a very special best friend, Elena! My daughter and I love to explore our city, there are always new surprises and she keeps taking me on new adventures.

Celebrating motherhood in Japan 

Motherhood according to Guilia @G.p.diary - Italy 

What are the most important lessons motherhood has taught you?

I learned that a mom's love is so immense that it naturally takes you as the last. First there are your children, their thoughts, your concern for them, the rest takes a back seat.

If you had to give one piece of advice to mums what would it be?

My advice is not to give advice. Often a mother finds herself thinking: 'Have done the right thing? or 'Am I wrong?'.Only her instinct can give her the answer on how to manage her children.

Maybe, the only advice would be to talk with other mums, because so many situations are common!

What is your most precious gift as a mother?

Enrichetto who tells me that I am his greatest love, Lucilla's drawing that puts me in the center and Isabella's desire to always be in contact with me.

Celebrating motherhood in Italy


Motherhood through adoption according to Mollie - @maholland - US

It is hard to wrap words around motherhood but for me the first word that comes to mind is grace. My path to motherhood was full of grace that I often feel undeserving of. One adoptive mother said it before me but she summed it up perfectly. “A child born to another woman calls me momma. The magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege is not lost on me.” 

Celebrating childhood - the journey of adoption

Photo by Mary Catherine Brownfield of Mollie and her daughter Anna-Claire


Wherever you may be, whatever your journey, take time to celebrate your motherhood and that of others.

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