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Welcome to the world of Charlotte and Burlington. Through the adventures of our doll and bear, you will smile, dream, travel the world and learn French. 

Our Charlotte and Burlington virtual family club is an extension of our traditional smocked dress brand, Charlotte sy Dimby. Created with the founder of the children’s books Burlington Bear our wish is to bring parents and children from all over the globe together.

Our aim is to spread love and joy through the many activities and experiences that we have to offer. While it is all about having fun with your little ones, we also care about developing their creativity, communication and providing meaningful knowledge.

Our club in a nutshell : 

Charlotte & Burlington adventures :

The core of our club lies in the stories of our doll Charlotte and her friend Burlington Bear. 

Their interactive adventures are revealed chapter by chapter taking young readers on a ‘journey beyond the book’.

The online written chapters are beautifully hand illustrated by Madeleine Hall, founder of Burlington Bear.

The audio versions are also available on Youtube.

Adventures of Charlotte and Burlington

French lessons :


To inspire a lifelong love of France, we provide fun French lessons. Short playful videos will teach your children basic vocabulary and sentences.

Creative activities will also help little ones and grown ups to deepen their knowledge of French culture.

Charlotte and Burlington - Learning French for children

Activities :

Coloring-in, crafts and recipes will allow you to celebrate highlights of the year such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day but also serve as fun ideas to enjoy as a family on rainy weekends.

Charlotte and Burlington family friendly crafts

Gardening :

Fond of nature and deeply convinced of its importance for young and old, we present a monthly flower. Through fun facts, illustrations and colourings, you are invited to step in our garden.

Charlotte and Burlington floral journal of the month family friendly club

Pen pal adventure :

To make a new friendship and create a special one-to-one bond, we can pair you with a pen pal. Let us know your preferences and we will find the perfect match for you.

Charlotte and Burlington Pen pals for kids


Sasha dolls : 

Our Charlotte is a Sasha collector doll. Our Charlotte sy Dimby atelier loves to dress her up in handmade smocked dresses. Her outfits can be purchased.

Sasha doll smocked dresses

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How does it work :

Our club is entirely virtual for now. All you need to do is sign up. Our content is available online and updates are provided by email. We also share on Instagram.

Who is it for : 

Our activities and stories are designed for children from 2-8 years old but can be adapted to younger or older children.

Initially created for Charlotte sy Dimby and Burlington Bear friends, our club is now open to all. We love nothing more than making new encounters. Sign up here to join us.

Learn more about our bear, doll and the origins of the project.

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You can also read more about our adventures and our Sasha doll outfits on our online Journal

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